Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Is The Hawk?

Where is President Obama, "the hawk" when it comes to Syria? The "lamestream media" (thank so much Sarah Palin for that ever-fitting moniker) was praising him so for preventing Muammar al-Qaddafi from maybe killing some civilians, civilians who happened to have AK-47's, RPG-7's and rocket launchers, but they seem as silent as he is on the true massacre taking place in Syria. Where real unarmed civilians, protesters, and 8 year old kids are being killed. Not a day goes by that you don't hear of another incident, even if they are reduced to the bottom line. The shelling of the city of Homs and automatic weapons against protesters killing an 8 year old just in the last two days.
Could the Libya hawk, be for another reason, besides that lame one they gave. Could it possibly be that the three (Britain, France, and Italy) countries that just so happened to goad Obama into doing this, just so happens to have a large stake in the oil production of Libya? Could this be payback for BP for demonizing them and taking all the blame in the oil spill? Where are those progressive voices crying, "no blood for oil?"
Even the "lamestream media" is helping, as usual. CNN's Wolf Blitzer had the audacity to ask Marco Rubio, who was speaking against Syria and our lack of leadership, "how do you know that whoever takes Assad's place won't be worse?" Which is actually a good and valid question, but where was that question when talking about our support for the replacement of Egypt's rebels, and those from Libya? And we know some of those involved there, The Muslim Brotherhood.
So where is he? Is he on the golf course again? (Which incidentally the "lamestream media" attacked George Bush for playing so much he quit playing. Thought I would throw that one out there.) What isn't Syria important enough? Not even for a quick statement between nine and ten? Or is it that this hawk only flies when the polls say it will be politically profitable?

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