Monday, June 20, 2011

Snippets for the Week

Peace Talks: It is totally outrageous that our government is holding peace talks with the Taliban. These people ravaged a nation, even going as far as using artillery on historical Buddha statues cut into the mountains. This only proves the long time notion that Americans have no staying power. We did not learn our lessons of Korea and Vietnam, and now they see again that if they hold out long enough some weak kneed politician will concede to them. This idea came around after WW II, along with the ridiculous concept of "limited war". It happens when bureaucrats run a war policy, not leaders. It makes us look weak, and worse, it dishonors those brave men who died there. Shame on you Barrack Obama!

GOP Debates: CNN is actually bad mouthing their own debates. Infobabe Christine Romans, is actually scolding the candidates for not mentioning Education in the debate. Hey Christine, it was your debate, why not ask the question. It was not asked. In her argument she quotes the rabid communist Education Minister, oops I mean Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan. Some unbiased source there. Besides with the country in the shape it is in, we may not need education, we will be too worried over where our next meal is.

Progressive Hypocrisy: You know it always cracks me up when the progressives laud something that is going to save us money, like they do with their anti-smoking campaign. How it will save a gazillion in health care. Don't worry about it that you are taking away rights and freedoms. You guys are so disingenuous. You are only concerned about spending when it will defend one of your social engineering schemes, otherwise you keep right on spending us into oblivion on the other social schemes that has put us on the path of Greece.

Blame Mentality: This blame game that is played on everything that happen in today's society leads us only to even more reactionary big government progressive programs or regulations. Anything bad happens, make a law, forbid something from being done. It is always the same mantra. In layman's terms it means spending more money that we don't have. Take the outbreak of food borne illness. Most, not all, could have been taken care of if the company and the consumer did what they were supposed to do. Wash the produce or cook the meat. Instead we look for someone to blame in hopes to find someone to sue. It is also one of the reasons our health care is so expensive, doctors and hospitals are afraid of a lawsuit if a mistake is made. It is also something that hinders our security, because police soldiers, and agents are afraid that charges will be brought on them if something goes wrong. People are not perfect, mistakes are always made. No blame is needed.

School Funding: I am truly tired about hearing that the school system needs more money. We have poured more and more  money into a failing system and only seen it become worse. Money is not the answer. It is the schools, the teachers and their curriculum. Sure there is lots of great teachers, but we all know the bums only there collecting a paycheck and in the way. Speaking of in the way, The Department of Education seems to fit that bill as well. Since its inception we have steadily made our way to the basement of the rankings, even though they get billions of dollars to fix the system. It will never get fixed by throwing more money at it.

Watch Your Back Michelle: What's up with the "lamestreams" new love affair with Michelle Bachman? We conservatives have always known what a great lady, mother, leader and representative she is. She would make our country a far better place. These people have ulterior motives in their praise though. What is it? Watch your six Michelle, they aren't your friends.

Refugees: You hear lots about refugees from all around the world fleeing some violence, uprising or war, but what are we going to do when the ever-growing violence south of the border starts driving real refugees here? Not the illegal aliens disguised as refugees, but real ones fleeing the coming drug war.

Big Government being Big Government: It is hilarious that these people who vote for these big government progressives, get all up in arms when the big government does what is does. They are in a uproar over them closing down some kids lemonade stand at the US Open. It doesn't surprise me, the kids broke regulations, served some sugar, and probably did so without a license. It's a wonder they didn't arrest them. What did you think you were voting for? That is what they are. They don't know our Constitution or even care to know it. Patrick Henry said, "the Constitution is not for the government to restrict the people, but the people to restrict the government." The real question is, if this makes you mad, why the hell are you voting for these progressives still?

Greek Riots: Greece is a microcosm for America, it receives bailout after bailout and it never fixes the problem, it only prolongs it. They keep right on doing the same thing, and the other EU nations keep right on paying the bill. Even with the austerity measures that is causing them to riot, it won't be enough. If they don't do something soon, and not a bailout, Greece will be the first domino to fall, taking half of Europe with it, and we are already falling ourselves. I don't understand those rioters, isn't some better than nothing? You will get nothing if your country fails. Do you know that Teachers of America, Medicare recipients and other government workers?
See what we have to look forward to. Most people would say we are not Greece, we aren't taking bailouts. We are not? What else do you call these massive loans from China to give out bailouts to ourselves? It is a bailout by another name. Then we have those people that cry that we need to get spending under control, yet when someone tries they cry because it may affect them. We will have the riots too, even if the rioters are on geritol.

The Political Double Standard: This double standard is already in full effect for the "lamestream" media and their progressive masters. They are now all over Mitt Romney for his joke of, "I'm also unemployed." They say he is out of touch. It was a Joke people!! Yet you never said a word of being out of touch when President Obama said, "shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected." No, you thought it was a great joke. That great joke only added almost a trillion dollars to our deficit and debt. Get ready it will only get worse from here.

Sanctions: Where did this notion that sanctions were not suppose to hurt the people of the nation that they are imposed on come from? That is what sanctions are, they are designed to make the people of that nation rethink the choice of their leaders. When you try to do otherwise you end up with fiascos like the oil for food program that did nothing but fill Saddam Hussein's coffers and line the pockets of UN bureaucrats. In reality you hurt the people more by doing this. Let sanctions be truly sanctions, and they will work. Otherwise you are just peeing in the wind.

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