Saturday, July 9, 2011

Assault On Our Rights

"Ignore your rights and they will simply go away."

"Posterity- you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
                                                                               John Adams

Liberty, freedom and rights are not and have never been free. Somebody, somewhere paid for them and dearly they did pay. They sacrificed their fortunes, their lands, their families, their honor, their blood, and often times their very lives so that you, their posterity, could be free. Now through our own laziness and greed we are allowing those right, paid for by the blood of patriots throughout our history to be imperiled again.

If you do not know and love your rights, you will not protect them and you will not be willing to sacrifice and to give your last full measure to pass that freedom on to future generations. Many patriots throughout time has seen this as their only duty, to ensure they pass down a country that is free to their children. So why is it that those very things once so protected and cherished are now vanishing? We, all of us, have sat idly by and let our rights, which should have been fiercely guarded, be corroded away by a progressive agenda.

They started at the dawn of the 20th century by corrupting the very foundations that our country firmly sat upon. They knew that as long as the history of this great experiment known as the United States of America was so honorably and vigilantly guarded there was no way they could change it. So little by little they force fed the schools, the news sources, and media sources with perversions of our founding. They later began to go as far as to demonize our founders and little by little their progressive ideals of we started as a flawed nation that needs to be fixed came to fruition.

They attacked freedom of religion, by turning it into freedom from religion. They told us it was unfair for us Christians that built this nation on the principles of our faith, to "force" our religion on nonbelievers by displaying the ten commandments or praying in public. It later transformed to accommodating all the other religions in the world, while prohibiting the one that built this nation. They began to put foot baths for Muslims in public bathrooms, while at the same time forbidding a nativity scene. These same people are the ones that fight tooth and nail to keep the ten commandments from the public eye, but support the right of pornography to be seen down the street. Our nation was founded and made strong with Christian principle and ideals, and it is becoming irrelevant without them.

They claim to be the protectors of freedom of speech, but somehow become the most intolerant when not agreed with. They do everything in their power to shut dissenting voices up. They condemn them as racist or spreading hate, because nobody wants to be accused of such. It is an effective way to quiet voices. Those are the voices that need the protection, because what we agree with is in no need of protection.

They have even attacked freedom of speech. They have gone at it though by a different tactic. They used the Trojan horse to get inside and before we knew the progressives were in charge of most media sources. With this dominance they are able to push their own agenda and discredit those few who oppose them. Through things like the old "fairness doctrine" disguised as local content or net neutrality they attempt to get rid of their opposition. Does that sound free to you?

Freedom of assembly is getting attacked as well, mainly through that dominance of the press. What else would you call it when a group such as Louis Farrakhan's's Nation of Islam is allowed and applauded for his million man march, but the Ku Klux Klan gets stopped or forced out by "protesters" when they choose to march? They are both racist organizations that are riddled by hate. So what is the difference? No, not the obvious. It is that The Nation of Islam agrees with the progressive agenda and its socialist ideals and uses it to further their own cause.

Then the right of protection is under attack. With the demonization from folks such as the ACLU and NAACP of law enforcement the protection they once provided this nation has been greatly inhibited. They are continually searching for scapegoats for accidents, for someone to blame and sue. This causes inaction and demoralizes those tasked to protect us. These folks have done the same to our military, making them afraid to fight the enemy that does not worry of such constraints out of fear of prosecution from the very people that sent them in harm's way. Then you have the very people who demonizes them, tie both law enforcement and our military's hand. The do this by taking needed funding for equipment and training. They reduce their personnel levels to where they cannot effectively do their jobs. Then hide behind how defense cost too much, the one thing they are suppose to do they don't want to pay for, but want to spend trillions on their redistributive social programs that would be better off left to the community level.

For years they have been chipping away at the right to bear arms. Through this coordinated attack they are chipping away little by little making new regulations and prohibitions. Until one day we wake up to find that only criminals have firearms. This is always a tyrants main goal, because without this right the rest will fall like dominoes.

They have accomplished all of this by attacking our history and national pride. If someone does not know what we once were, they cannot long for those days. That is why the progressive movement centered on education. It has gone so far that most of the history professors in the colleges and universities are pushing the propaganda that the most profound event in American History is the Civil War and the second is World War II. I even found myself repeating those words, until one day I heard myself repeat that progressive mantra and noticed how ridiculous it sounds. Some high schools don't even teach the founding in American History, choosing to start with 1865. How could the Civil War, as major as it was to our history and our development as a nation, ever surpass the founding of this nation. An event that not only shaped a nation, but changed the world. Ronald Reagan said, "America is still the abiding alternative to tyranny. This is our purpose in the world-nothing more and nothing less." It gave and is still giving peoples the world over the hope of freedom and self-determination. We would not be that "shining city on the hill" without our founding. Is that an event to be relegated to third place? Forbid it! Do not fall for that bunk! Just because they are a professor, does not make them right. This nations founding is the crowning achievement of this nation, without which nothing else would have been possible.

Daniel Webster said, "God grants liberty only to those who love it and stand ready to defend it." We have lost that resolve and if we do not regain that vigilance soon, we will not have a nation, much less any right to defend.

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