Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everybody Else Does

Why is it that you hear American's today say things like this country does this, or this country has that, why cant we? They look longingly at one little thing a nation has, in the midst of a nation that is crumbling and want to imitate them without even a cursory glance of what is going on in the rest of the country.

Our founders built our very unique system this way for a reason. They seen the way Europe was heading and knew that was not the road we should go down ourselves. They did not want their fledgling nation and the land that they loved to descend into that same system they just fought so hard to be rid of. With the system these men built this nation rose from the ashes of war to the most prominent nation in this world in record time and eventually the superpower like none other.

So as you look lovingly at Sweden's welfare system, Cuba's Healthcare, France's vacations, or anyone but our own military, police and intelligence; or if you are like the America loving Fareed Zakaria of CNN believing we should just throw out the Constitution and go with a European style system, ask yourself one thing. What and where has that system gotten them? And while your at it tell Mr. Zakaria if he likes that system so much, to go live under it and leave ours alone.

Their bungling in socialism led them to a malaise that they are working tirelessly to pull themselves from. So as they are giving up the system which led them to the poorhouse, these folks like our leaders and Mr. Zakaria look lovingly down at them and seeks to emulate them.

This is what happens when people forget what it cost our forefathers to become the greatest nation of the world. The only nation to sacrifice their own sons and daughter for the freedom of other nations. We should not be looking at what other nations are doing, they should be looking at us for their example.

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