Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Are Doing It Again

I have a prediction for the 2012 election. We lose! Sure we have won some battles, but we are losing the war.

We have allowed the progressives to regain their voice, get back on message and regain the momentum. While doing so they have effectively branded us as the party of "no" standing in the way of the President. All of this because we have no voice out their articulating conservatism and giving the people a alternative to socialism.

If a strong voice does happen to surface, we, yes we allow them to destroy it. After being warned not to, we are once again letting the lamestream media pick our candidate for us. A candidate they want, that we ill have to hold our nose for. Tell me, how did this method work out for us in 2008? We let them destroy Sarah Palin(not in me, she is still my pick) and we are now letting them do the same to Herman Cain.

Don't let them. Get back on message, seize the momentum and retake our country!

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