Saturday, May 28, 2011


Secretary of Defense Gates and this Administration has come up with their plan to cut the defense budget. Their game plan seems to be doing it on the backs of the very people they tell to go bleed and die. Yes, they want to cut their pay and benefits. Tell me again how this Administration love the military? He love them only for campaign backdrops and when they make him look good.Wasn't this the same administration that thought it was so evil to ask teachers to pay more into their benefits? Now they are doing the very same thing to the people willing to lay down their lives for our defense. There is an old saying, "all gave some, but some gave all." I think you can figure out yourself which one gave all.

This action is immoral and if for nothing else he has done should ensure this man does not get reelected. Not only is it immoral though, in my opinion it is downright treasonous!

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