Saturday, May 28, 2011


Brian Williams of NBC news should be ashamed of himself. If I remember correctly he was one of those voices calling for a more "civil dialogue" after the vicious shooting in Arizona (who was just today found unfit to stand trial. Really? He was fit enough to plan and pull that trigger), and everyone somehow blamed it on Sarah Palin. Yet here is this guy calling a honorable and lovely woman a "slut." No matter what Laura Ingram said on her show to get his goat, did that word really have to be used? What would the great Mr williams say if this word was used by a conservative commentator about a Hillary Clinton or even his comrade Andrea Mitchell.

Where is the uproar at CNN and MSNBC or the networks for that matter? Where is the cries of "vitriol" or the plethora of talking heads singing Joan Baez songs? We heard that 24/7 for weeks after that fateful day in Tucson, while they contradictively blamed and attacked Sarah Palin. Oh yeah, that's right, Ms. Ingram is a conservative. And we all know that it is open season on conservatives, especially smart, beautiful and powerful women like Ms. Ingram, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.

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