Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's Start Our Own Dialogue

Are we going to let the talking heads, pundits and bozos in the "lamestream" media, and even the other party tell us who our candidate is again? How did that work out for us last time? Wouldn't you like, just one time to actually vote for somebody instead of against somebody?

These questions aren't going to be answered by letting the democrats and the "lamestream" media continue to control our dialogue. We have given them power over us. They manipulate us with their polls and pundits and lies, sadly some of us believe.

Have you ever been asked what you are listening to or reading when you were listening to talk radio or reading a conservative book? More than likely you got a variation of the same answer, even from some that claim to be conservative; their faces cringe and they roll their eyes, and usually give some off-handed insulting remark about either the radio host or author. Then when you ask them why they feel that way, you get more insults and name calling. They have no answer. Their whole view of good and honorable people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, Alan West, and many others come from the never ending supply of the "lamestream" media's library of gotcha soundbites. They have never taken the time to listen or read for themselves. They only believe because they are told to. They won't look further, because it just may threaten their own narrow world view.

We, especially us conservatives, should be ashamed of ourselves. By giving them a monopoly on our dialogue, we have given them the unopposed ability to attack people such as Sarah Palin who the have admittedly vowed to destroy. Their rhetoric has turned their lies into truths in lots of peoples minds. We are complicit in this attempt, if not by our outright support, then by our lack of a dissenting voice speaking out against the slander. Herman Goering said,"if you tell a large enough lie long enough it will be believed." Now they are trying to push these harmful lies about other good people like Michelle Bachman, Rand Paul, Alan West and Herman Cain. Any of which are head and shoulders better than President Obama.

It is just plain silly to listen to your opponent on who your party should run. Do you really think someone like Donna Brazile is going to tell you who their really scared of? Come on folks, They don't have our best interest at heart. If the White House says they are scared of John Huntsman, they are lying like they always do.

Rush always says, "they will tell us who  our candidate is." Even though he live in "literalville" he doesn't mean they tell us outright. He means the one they attack the most, is our man or woman(can you say,"Sarah Palin"? anyone?). Yet we never seem to listen to what they are truly saying, we only listen to their words. We can't control our own destiny, by letting them control our dialouge. The have been doing so for far too long. It is way past time for us to reclaim it and to start our own conservative conversation, more importantly though, to listen as well.

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