Monday, May 16, 2011


Our fearless and courageous leader has taken on a new role. One that should tell you more about him than most any act he has done. He has taken it upon himself to hand out punishment, no not to terrorists like Osama bin Laden, but to State's in our Union. Why? For no other reason but challenging and questioning his policies.

Look at Arizona, they were taken to court and demonized for weeks by the lapdog news media and the democrats in congress. They even sent progressive organizations to "organize" (more like radicalize) the protesters. Their crime, challenging his border policy. Then in Virginia, where they had the audacity to challenge Obamacare, they were denied any federal help from the outbreak of tornadoes that just went across America. Now look to Texas, who has been outspoken since day one and had the temerity to give us George W. Bush. They were denied any federal assistance for those all consuming wild fires that devastated the state. Then with a thumb to the eye of Texas the Federal government gave assistance to Mexico for the same outbreak of wildfires. These are just a few of the telling punishment meted out by our great leader.

This should tell everyone just what kind of man that we have as president. He is not the loving and compassionate person that his media cohorts paint him to be. He boldly dishes out punishment to any who dare to challenge him or his policies. Acts such as these tell us he is childish and vindictive, and the acts themselves treasonous.

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