Monday, May 16, 2011

Presidential Advisor

President Obama once accused FOX News of not being real news. Really? Could it be that he doesn't like that one dissenting voice in the midst of all those Obamaite cheerleaders.

Now we find out that a Time and CNN talking head, Fareed Zacaria turns out to be advising President Obama. Where is the outcry of the news media, including CNN? If this came out five years ago that President Bush had Bill O'Riely advising him the news media would be apoplectic over it. Since it is one of their own America hating stars advising their chosen golden child, there isn't a peep.

Well, at least we know the voice inside the teleprompter now. None other than "Blame America first" Fareed, being channeled by his mentor and friend George Soros.

But Fox News is the bias on, right Mr. President?

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