Monday, May 16, 2011

Pandering Progressive Politicians

Why do progressive always have a totally different speech when they are in front of a different demographic and often times are at odds with each other? Why can't a prosperous America for all Americans do the job? This so called "big tent" is nothing more than telling people what they want to hear and doing nothing of the sort.

Sadly though, these groups have grown use to this pandering and have come to expect it, even demand it. Not just from the politicians either, from organizations and business as well. In a CNN interview with Hank Aaron, he said that Major League Baseball is failing the African American community. Really? Why should they have to pander to one group?

All this pandering does is lead to division and strife. That same division and strife that these same voices speak so eloquently and compassionately about wanting to stop. When you pander to blacks, pander to hispanics, pander to women, pander to gays, pander to PETA, pander to greens all you do is divide us into these groups and ensure they will never come together. The reason they promote this division is without that strife and that boogeyman this division causes they can't win. Their policies just won't do it, they haven't worked anywhere they have been tried.

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