Monday, May 16, 2011

Overstepping Their Bounds...Again!

How is it that the Federal Government can tell a private business that it can't move a plant from one state to another? You say they can't do that, but they are doing just that. They are telling Boeing they can't move one of their assembly plants from Washington State to South Carolina.

Why would they even get involved with it? They won't lose any revenue if the move takes place and may even gain revenue, but if it don't take place Boeing says they will lose money, meaning so will the government. So why is the Federal Government so willing to take a loss fighting for a doomed plant in Washington?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that our progressive President and his cohorts in the democratic party are nothing but whores for the unions. They would rather lose government revenue that this broke nation needs, than lose that massive campaign donations the union gives them. In this vain attempt to keep a union plant open they are costing our country jobs and revenue. Where is that concern for the country they say they love? The only concern here is for their union buddies and their campaign coffers. Hmmm....

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