Monday, June 27, 2011

Wake Up Congress!

Hello congress, are you there? If you are you better wake the heck up, both republican and democrat, before you find your self powerless. You are letting your powers slip right through your fingers with every executive order, cabinet regulation, and czarist policy. The thing is, it is not your power to lose, it belongs to the people, so protect it!

You have let presidents of both parties strip you of your duties, especially the current  occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You have let them implement right stealing, freedom inhibiting, business killing, and unconstitutional ideas such as cap and trade and net neutrality in place through government regulation when it couldn't gain traction in congress. You have not only ceded your power to the president and cabinet members, but also to unconfirmed and unconfirmable czars, who resemble their namesakes more than they do a democracy advocate. You have let them preempt your power to declare war, and they even have the audacity to jump in the courts area of defining what war is, or what is unconstitutional or not. They also made a massive effort to diminish the power of the States, ignoring the 10th amendment altogether.

Just recently the "lamestream" media has been reporting how the cost of electricity and power is going to skyrocket due to new government regulations implemented by the EPA. Funny these so called watch dogs of our right and freedoms said nothing over this action. President Obama knowing full well that Cap and trade would never pass congress just forced it down our throats through regulation. Can the American people afford a 60% rise in their power bill? Fuel is next, Obama is on record wanting our gas prices to rival those of Europe, which is 8-10 dollars a gallon. He said he just didn't want it to rise so fast, wanting to slowly feed it to you so it would be an easier pill to swallow. He has also shown this disregard for the constitution by the implementation of the internets version of the fairness doctrine, disguised as a way to make the internet affordable to all called net neutrality. Which was implemented over Christmas in hopes it would not garner much scrutiny. It didn't. All of this has given these cabinet members and czars the powers meant to be in the hands of Congress.
Then we have the War in Libya, that is not a war according to the White House, because there are no boots on the ground. Really? Tell that to those folks on the receiving end of the bombs and rockets. No matter if those boots are on the ground, or flying over it, it is the same thing, war! The UN, NATO, nor some made up "responsibility to protect" can give you permission for that Mr. President, only Congress can.

Congress needs to stop this overreaching president now, before it is to late, before he strips them of more of their power in an all out effort to make them irrelevant. He don't care one bit whiter the American people can afford it or if it falls within his limited powers or not, he only cares if he can get his socialist policies implemented and the people, the congress and the constitution be damned.

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