Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Audacity of Politics

"I do not, gentlemen, trust you. If you possess the power, the abuse of it could not be checked; and what would prevent you from exercising it to our destruction."
Gunning Bedford

Our so called intelligent leaders will say and do anything to get elected/reelected or to push their progressive agenda on an unknowing and gullible public. Not only do they force laws , bills, and programs that we do not want or support down our throats, they lie about their agenda and its consequences and expect us to believe it. Sadly, many do.

Lets look at two of the bigger progressive lies touted during the campaign of 2008. In every speech Obama talked how the Iraq War was costing us 10 billion dollars a month. He would also say when asked about his energy how it would take no less than 10 years to bring any oil from offshore or ANWAR or anyplace else to make any difference and how it would take just as long for any new nuclear facilities. For some reason everyone took these statements as fact and failed to look objectively at them, just as they do all the time.

Take a look at the cost of the war and for the sake of argument that it was costing us 10 billion a month when he said it was, which was during the surge when there was more men, equipment, and supplies there. Tell me then how could presurge costs be just as expensive or postsurge. Some how that fuzzy math does not add up. Now lets question his stated cost. They have added every cost to the total, even those which would have been incurred no matter what. Our military personnel must still be fed, cared for, trained, and equipped even if they are not at war. War Ships will still be on cruises, planes will still be flying, and bullets and bombs would still be expended. So to add those things to your price is disingenuous.

Then you have the claim that we would never be able to extract oil in areas or build nuclear plants in less than ten years. Those folks that say that must not know their history. There is absolutely nothing this nation cannot do when our nation and our freedom is at stake. This is a nation went from peace to war and not just any war, the multi-front war that was previously unwinnable. After Pearl Harbor we put in a heroic effort and raised sunk ships and ships that should have taken months or even years to fix and fixed them within a couple of months and sailed into harms way. Our industrial might made ships in months, 100 tanks and plans a day. We not only supplied ourselves, but our allies as well. At this same time the Manhattan Project went from nothing to the first atomic weapon in less than five years.  This is the same nation that went to the moon in less than ten years.

So how dare they insult our national will and our national pride and our history by saying we can't do this. Then insult us even more by lauding just how they are going to bring renewable energy to fruition in less than ten years. Renewable energy that just is not feasible at this time. No matter how much propaganda they push, we need oil and will continue to need oil for quite some time in the future.

If they taut such bunk and expect us to believe and follow them, truly what do the think of us? How can any thinking person fall for such exaggerations and untruths. Just because and congressmen or a president says we can't doesn't make it so. They have an agenda to push, and if you look hard enough are getting campaign donations from opposing interests. Remember these are the same folks that has run our industry to other nations. What has congress or the president done lately? In the last three administrations and their corresponding congresses, where we have been ran by both parties, all they have accomplished is to earn the lowest approval ratings in history and to incur more deficit and debts than all those before them combined. They have done nothing but pander to special interest and ethnic/minority group for nothing more than reelection; they, none of them has done anything to restore this nation to the greatness it once boasted.

This nation and our people can overcome any adversity and survive any catastrophe without their help, or maybe I should say in spite of. And we will survive this national treason and destruction of our constitution that these politicians, who are more concerned over getting reelected than the survival of our nation, are pushing us toward. To do so we must return to those first principle our founding fathers gave us.

Sadly we are being force fed the progressive line by audacious politicians. Even sadder, we still follow and reelect them to office, just like the sheep we are.

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