Thursday, July 28, 2011

Death of Journalism

"If a man has a very decided character, has a strongly accentuated career it is normally the case, of course that he makes ardent friends and bitter enemies."

 Theodore Roosevelt

Reporters or as they now call themselves journalists used to have that decided character. They didn't adopt the elitist moniker of journalist until the started to effect the demise of their own profession. When they stopped seeing themselves as the thorn in the side of government so that the people would not be undone, and became the thorn in the side of the people helping the government pass their progressive agenda is when they began to commit this kamikaze rush. Instead of reporting the news like they are supposed to, they instead try to make and affect the news for their own progressive agenda.

The last couple of decades has seen this once valued profession in its death throes, when they began picking sides and pushing propaganda. When you relentlessly attack a sitting president and laud people like Louis Farrakhan and Yasser Arafat as heroes you are completely out of touch with the job you claim to do. In this same time frame they have never missed an opportunity to demoralize and demonize our military and law enforcement with their politically correct, all inclusive diatribes. At every turn the attack anything distinctly American, and place any America hating act on a pedestal.

They hide behind the idea of freedom of speech, which was granted them by our founding fathers they now claim as irrelevant to be another part of the checks and balances. They have all but forgotten that duty assigned to them by those great men. They have rendered a once honorable profession into a brood of vipers more concerned of their own vaulted name than in the search for the truth.

Journalism took its final breaths during the 2008 presidential election, where their clear goal was to make Barrack Obama a god, when they did not control the heavens. When they unashamedly showed their support for him and at times outright campaigned for him in their "reporting" of the news. Almost all are guilty, there is no need to name names(Mr. thrill running up his legs), but shame on each and everyone of you.

Their final breath came when every network and news organization went with candidate Obama on his whirlwind world tour. They made is sound like he was such the grand statesman, even comparing his Berlin speech to that of John F Kennedy. Really? They made it sound like he did such good for the nation and the world, when in all actuality he spent only a few hours  at these places doing nothing but photo ops. To top it all off, everything that happened was breaking news. Breaking news Obama lands in Kuwait, breaking news Obama give a speech, breaking news Obama lands in Afghanistan, breaking news Obama takes off from Afghanistan, breaking news Obama is in Iraq, Breaking News Obama is in Germany(where incidentally he would not go see wounded troops), breaking news Obama eats lunch, breaking news Obama picks his nose, Breaking news Obama takes a crap. It was that ridiculous and it killed off journalism. John McCain didn't get near the coverage that is until Sarah Palin came on board then they made every effort to destroy her. Some unbiased reporting, huh?

None of you deserve the name journalist, much less reporter. The only name that fits is hack. Our nation and our people deserve better. We need those reporters of old that reported the news, the real news.

Note: This piece (as well as some others that may sound a little dated) was written just after the election of President Obama. I just thought it needed to be posted. By the way, journalism is a rotting corpse now. Thanks for reading and for your patience. Keep coming back.

Semper Fidelis,

Edward Bates

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