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All the talking heads and pundits are railing against the TEA Party blaming them for all the ills of Washington and for their hard line approach of not wanting (I say wanting, because the TEA Party caucus is very small and controls nothing. So it could never hold any bill "hostage." Also what is there to compromise about when the fate of our nation hangs by a thread and the only adult in the room saying to stop spending is the TEA Party) to compromise. Tell me, where was that concern for compromise during the health care debate when the republicans were shut out of negotiations and President Obama told them that, "elections have consequences, we won!"

FAA Jobs

The news were all up in arms about congress leaving on summer recess without fixing the FAA bill and it put 4000 FAA bureaucrats out of work. Yet they barely mentioned it when the CEO of General Electric and the Presidents friend and Jobs Czar, Jeffery Imelt moved tons of jobs from the US to China.

Washington's Idea Of Spending Cuts

When our government makes a budget it automatically assumes that they will have more money the next year, because that is the way it has always been no matter who was in power. So when they make "cuts" in spending, their fuzzy math counts taking that automatic increase as a spending cut. Yes, it sounds pretty ridiculous, but when the news carries their water they can get away with it. Just like they do when they count a tax reduction as spending. It has been said so much by their propaganda pushers that the public believes it. President Obama and the progressives know what Joseph Goebbels and the NAZI's knew that, "if you tell a large enough lie long enough, it will be believed."
Frankly the cuts proposed by both parties are insulting, without the reduction of increases. Two trillion dollars over a ten year period isn't even a good start. So for the news media and democrats to demagogue and use the scare tactics of how these anorexic, nonexistent cuts are starving kids and killing granny is ludicrous. Then the so called "conservatives" in the republican party has the audacity to propose a plan that still adds trillions to a debt.

If these people don't wake up and stop bickering which party is going to be the one to spend us into oblivion, then our nation is doomed. Smarter heads must prevail and begin real cuts in our budgets, deficits and debts. All of us, yes all of us put our nation in this hole, and it is going to take all of is to fix it. We all must make sacrifice to get our fiscal house in order, from the very bottom to the very top.

Fair Share Stats

Top 2% of Americans pay 30% of the tax burden.
Top 10% of Americans pay 78% of the tax burden.
Bottom 47-51% contribute nothing in the way of taxes.
So which one isn't paying their "fair share?"
Over half of our spending comes from entitlements like social security, Medicare, income security and health services. Another 1/5 to 1/4 is military spending and both need to be cut. They make up the bulk of our spending, and although it would be nice to cut the rest too, it would only be a drop in the bucket. Entitlement have to be cut, we have too many people on the government teat. 45.8m Americans are getting food stamps, a 22% hike since Obama took office. That is unacceptable.
From 2006-2011 our national debt has risen from 8.5 trillion dollars to well over 16 trillion dollars. It has all but doubled in a five year period. Not only is that unacceptable, it is unsustainable.
I am positive that most Americans would be more than willing to pay more in taxes if it meant that our debt would be tackled, but it won't be. Politicians only see more taxes as more money for them to spend. Instead of our presidents perverted sense of "fair share," I have a better idea. A small flat tax with no loopholes that everyone pays regardless of income level and a national sales tax. There is nothing fair in today's system when half of Americans pay nothing, yet they reap all the rewards. Lets have everyone truly pay their fair share and make it a fair system.

Stimulus! Stimulus!

The progressives and their media lapdogs are crying for more stimulus. That all we need to do to fix the economy is to spend even more money that we don't have and have to to borrow. If this truly worked we should be flush with jobs right now. With TARP, stimulus 1, stimulus 2, QE 1, QE 2, and the extension of unemployment to an unheralded 99 weeks(which according to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama is stimulus) there shouldn't be an out of work American, but somehow we are still above 9%.

Freedom of Speech

Senator John Kerry of Mass. said that the news media had a responsibility not to cover the TEA party, because he thinks they are wrong. Has he ever heard of the first amendment? And this mans makes this nations laws and was the democratic candidate for president in 2004.
The reason he wants this is that he and his parties ideas and policies can't hold up against the truth of the TEA party. So instead of trying to defeat them in the arena of political debate, an arena in which their party controls 80% of the news media(only FOX, a couple of newspapers, and talk radio is conservative), they want to shut them up. If he and his like had their way it wouldn't stop at just censorship, those crazies idea of FEMA camps just may come to fruition.


Every speech President Obama gives is a stump speech, with that preacher tone and too much reverb. Still using the "evil" George Bush as the boogeyman, as well as the hope and change platform (which has turned into the American people hoping to have some change in their pockets.). He is on a continuous campaign trail. At this point in his presidency George Bush had 7 fundraisers, Barrack Obama has 36, and with his Midwest swing will soon pass 40 in the same time frame. But how else would he build his war chest to a record breaking billion dollars so hey can buy support? This is the same man that says we need campaign finance reform as Senator Obama, but as President Obama those words are conspicuously gone from his rhetoric (he only wanted for the republican donors anyway.). Then again Senator Obama's views are often at odds with President Obama's views.

Social Security Money

People complain constantly when anyone talks of cutting this sacred cow and others like it, and blame it all on those evil TEA Party folks. Yet President Obama gets praise for taking the very money that funds these programs out of the system with the payroll tax holiday. That is money we are suppose top pay into this system to fund it, so when it is not there our country must borrow it.

Gov. Rick Perry

The Response, the day of prayer and fasting he attended and that got the progressives panties in a wad is why we like him. He is unapologetic about what he is. Besides, their argument is completely wrong. The first amendment gives you freedom of religion, not from it. Gov Perry was making you go to this service. If you don't like it, don't watch or don't go. Your attitude of not wanting it is the very dictatorial powers you say you are against. Plus it is patently ridiculous to use the invalid argument of Separation of Church and State. Our nation was built on Christian principles, that don't mean you have to be a Christian, but to deny its founding and the fact that our founder's prayed daily as the formed this nation and spoke of God ardently in its defense is just historically false. You progressive keep on "interpreting" and already interpreted document into something you want it to say, but don't. This was the reason the TEA Party was born, your actions are killing our country and its moral fiber.

Demanding Their Seat At The Table

Why is it when anyone has some sort of protest or rally they are praised and lauded by the news media, except for the TEA Party. The politically correct media praises teachers, labor unions, communists, gays, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and any other minority or interest group you can think of for demanding their seat at the table. Yet when the TEA Party does the same they are called terrorists, extremists, hostage takers, kidnappers and idiots. They are demeaned by every talking head that blames them for all the ills of this nation(funny this nations sickness has been with us long before the TEA Party was here.), but as all of us know, the TEA Party just may be this country's antibiotic.


Standards and Poor's downgraded our nations credit rating Friday. The talking heads and even some people at S and P are blaming the bickering. Please, don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. We were warned long ago that if we don't get our spending under control this would happen and that lame excuse for a deal does nothing to do that. Yet this is now an all out assault against the TEA Party to get rid of them. Sadly it is coming from the "check pants republicans" as well, who made a deal with the devil(or in this case President Obama and the democrats) to rid themselves of a thorn in their side. Just look at our history, are we really a good credit risk? Would you loan us money? Say all you want that the TEA Party and bickering caused this, but true thinking people know better. Sadly though most Americans don't think, they let the progressives think for them.

Central Falls, RI

This is a microcosm of our nations fiscal problems as a whole. The politicians gave away and promised too much to their constituents and didn't have the finances to back it up. Their unfunded liabilities made them fall, and can and will do the same to America. The politicians, nor the people want to make the hard choices that are needed to fix our problems. Yet if they don't those choices will be made for them and they won't be to their liking. Isn't it better to give up a little now to save some for later? Or are you going to be greedy and take all now and have nothing later?
We all know the answer to that. The politicians will keep on promising and spending to buy your vote (with your own money I might add) and we will keep on taking until there is nothing left, not even America. The only voice of reason in this is the TEA Party and they are being attacked on all fronts.


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