Thursday, August 11, 2011

Such Hurtful and Hateful Rhetoric

After the shooting of Representative Gabby Gifford's(incidentally, what is this about making this lady something she is not. They want to make her a senator, and she has done nothing. Then again the gave us a president that has done nothing. Anyway I am very glad she is ok, but she is not the savior of America) of AZ the progressive news and politicians went crazy over this new found concern for happy talk, but they never seem to be concerned over their own. Just in the news the past week they have called TEA Party Patriots names like: terrorist, hostage takers, kidnappers, extremists, crazies, hobbits(which I really didn't get), and have even blamed them for the downgrade of our credit. What an awesome power they attribute to a group they also call inconsequential. Hmmmm.

These are the same folks that go crazy and call you a racist if you even question President Obama's policies or ability, but they are also the same folks that called President Bush every vile name you can think of. Still calling him a terrorist, murderer, traitor, Hitler, deserter, baby killer, and they even made a movie about killing him (they claimed it was art). That's not hateful though, that's free speech. They went completely ballistic when Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama to fail. Every knew what Rush Meant, he thinks the Obama policies would hurt the country. Anyway they when completely hogsnot. This from the same people who actively opposed President Bush at every turn, not only hoping he would fail, but actively tried to make it happen. They just didn't have the courage or testicular fortitude to say so. They are right though, there is plenty of hurtful and hateful rhetoric going on today. Its coming out of their own mouths.

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