Saturday, August 27, 2011

Armchair Generals

I am so tired of all these armchair generals and leftist journalist talking on how great the rebels in Libya are doing against the loyalist forces of Gadhafi. You have to be joking. If NATO, meaning the US, would have only done what they said they were going to do, which is to provide a no fly zone, the rebels would have been crushed. They are a rag tag mob that has some of the world's best air forces providing not only close air support, but also blatantly being their air arm by providing offensive sorties and still can barely make headway.

I still wonder how they can say they were trying to stop a massacre of civilians when a) civilians were taking up arms against the government. Whether or not that government is tyrannical or not does not matter. And b) They tried to stop this "potential"  while watching a real massacre in Syria take place, and still taking place.

Now we see them letting out al Queada terrorist from their prisons. Are you still wondering what kind of government these great rebel fighters are going to implement? If they can implement anything. It will more than likely descend into a power struggle. Who will fill that void?

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