Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shining City On The Hill

Ronald Reagan was right America is that shining city on the hill for those people around the world seeking freedom and liberty, and "if we lose freedom here there is no place left to go." Our founders made our nation to be that beacon of hope for the world. They then passed on that heavy burden and sacred honor to all Americans through time, but somewhere along the way we have failed to tend to that flame of freedom. That duty has been ignored and forgotten by most, who have let that once bright flame turn into a ember about to flicker out.

Alexis de Tocqueville said, "because Roman civilization perished through barbarian invasions, we are perhaps too much inclined to think that that is the only way a civilization can die. If the lights that guide us ever go out, they will fade little by little, as if of their own accord.... We therefore should not console ourselves by thinking the barbarians are still a long way off. Some peoples may let the torch be snatched from their hands, but others will stamp it out themselves." That is exactly what we have been doing over the past 100 years, slowly and steadily stamping out those lingering embers.

This has laid an even heavier burden and sacred honor at the feet of this generation. We must rekindle and reignite that flame of freedom our founders willed us. If we do not we will never again be that haven for liberty for the world. Reagan said, "we cannot meet our world responsibilities without a strong economic policy which is effective at home and in the world marketplace.... We must put our economic house in order so that we can once again show the world by example that ours is the best system for all who want security and freedom." If we are ever to again become that shining city on the hill, we must stop stomping out that torch which was passed on to us. We don't want to be that keeper of the flame that let it go out from our complacency and greed. We want to be the ones that made it stronger, by our commitment and honor.

We must get our spending and debt in order, as well as retarding the growth of government who is daily encroaching upon our liberties. If we don't, this "last best hope" of the world will be no more and there will truly be "no place left to go."

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