Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Propaganda Machine

CNN and the rest of the news programs have become nothing but a propaganda machine for the rebels, just like the NATO planes are nothing but the rebels air force. It really sickens me to hear them report whatever the rebels tell them as fact, without so much as a cursory fact check(they do the same over here with events) then they try to push it off that this is what they were told. Please you are suppose to be reporters, do some reporting. You have let them mislead you on the capture of Gadhaffi's sons, with the cornering of Gadhaffi, the killing of his son, and so much more. You have invested yourself in this so much, that you won't even report on the reported atrocities of the rebels, but you sure will report on the alleged burning of a nanny. It's any wonder that anyone believes you guys at all. YOU ARE ALL HACKS!!!!!

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