Sunday, October 30, 2011


"If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is usually a duck."

If you want an example of just how great the liberal-progressives(even in the republican party) are in power all you have to do is take a gander at the states in which they are the strongest. Then look at where conservatives are in control and see which states are doing better.

Lets concentrate on two of the more liberal-progressive bastions in our Union, the "granola state" of California and the shining light of corruption of Illinois. Both have been controlled by these same liberal-progressives that are in Washington for decades and look how well they are doing.

Both are bankrupt, both fiscally and morally. Their education systems are on the bottom ring and getting lower. They are both stocked full of unworkable and extremely expensive social programs that are paid for on the backs of working citizens. They both keep on raising their taxes, just like those in Washington says to do, and that in turn has ran business out of their states, where the unemployment is among the highest. The are both up to their ears in debt, yet they keep on spending like Paris Hilton turned loose on Rodeo Drive.

Their governments are ran by the trade unions, special interests and politically correct factions and lobbyists and the people that are asked to pay for there schemes are ignored. As their states fall deeper and deeper into the abyss they play political and social games to cover their theft and bungling from the people.

Sadly these states and many others liberal-progressive strongholds are a drag on the rest of the country, and played more than their "fair share" in the problems which now face us. They are now in control of most of our political system, and are working hard to gain even more. What will become of our beloved country if they are to gain power unencumbered by an opposing side. Do we end up like the wonderful states of California and Illinois that can't manage their own states without the aid of the federal government?

If you do then keep your heads in the sand and let them govern, no let them rule over you. If you don't want to live that way, write your representatives and protest their actions and no actions that are turning our country into the same failed system. The next time try looking for a candidate that represents your principle and ideals. Vote for people on what they do and what they stand for instead of the rhetoric they spout. Maybe then we can take our Country back.

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