Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Massive Government and Bureaucracy

"In a bureaucracy people will rise to the level of incompetency."
                                                                                           Sociology's Peter Principle

The same principle could, should and does apply to government as well. What are they but bureaucrats in a politicians suit anyway. Both are so large and top heavy that their costs are astronomical and their accomplishment are microscopic.

Do you have any idea how many people work for the federal government today? Funny, neither do they. Seriously, with all the politicians, staffers, appointees, czars, functionaries, contractors, etc. it is very easy to lose count. This doesn't even include state and local government. The number of government workers are more than our countries industrial workers and that is sad. A better question though is how much money these useless breathers cost the real workers in salary alone? More than enough to start p[eying off some of that debt, that along with ending the harebrained and expensive schemes these "smart" people inflict upon us everyday.

A good house cleaning is what we really need. Clear out all the dead wood from the top to the bottom and do completely away with all those overlapping and unneeded agencies and functions. This would save more than any of the powers that be are willing to admit. Detractors complain and whine how that would cost jobs, but this along with some actions to reintroduce our industrial base to the country then their would be more than enough jobs for these people to do. Sure they may actually have to do some work, but it will build character. Then if they don't work, they will be fired, instead of promoted like they are today.

Sacrifices are needed to get our nation back on track, sacrifices from all, even the government, especially the government. The people of this great nation has always been more than willing to sacrifice for her and it is time for her "leaders" to do so as well. It's time for them to give up their staffs, perks and luxuries paid for by the people. They can live in barracks just like the young men and women they send to war or the factory worker that they tax to pay for their pet projects. Also there is no reason whatsoever for them to be in session full time. First off they already have more laws than they can count, you don't need anymore. Plus lots of their business can be conducted via the internet so they can stay at home with the people they are suppose to be representing.

These small things matter. They add up and could make this massive, intrusive government manageable, and even bearable.

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