Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outsourcing Our Nation

"Unless our government is respectable, foreigners will invade your rights..."
                                                                                                         Alexander Hamilton

If he were alive today, Mr. Hamilton, would have added take our jobs to that statement. He would never be able to fathom this new concept of outsourcing. I believe he would call it for what it was, and not the politically correct name it is today. He would call it selling America and Americans out. Then he would ask us how in the world could we ever let this happen?

Can we even answer that? Why did we, and why are we still? You say that we don't have a choice, but we do. This is still our country, and we are their bosses. Tell the politicians that we will no longer take them selling our jobs to other countries. Tell the unions to get a clue and stop being so greedy. Tell the companies that if they move the jobs out of America, that they will be taxed when that product reenters. We can also hit them where it hurts, their pocket books. Stop donating to their political campaigns, or paying your union dues until they do your bidding. If a company is outsourcing then don't use their products. Punish those involved and the jobs will return.

If they stop listening, maybe we can then find a way to outsouce our politicians.

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