Tuesday, October 18, 2011


President Obama Wants To Build A Mote On the Border And Put Alligators In It

Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn't it? That is just how these so called "journalists" sound when asking everyone and their dog about Herman Cain's electric fence. Like Mr. Cain said, "Americans need to learn how to take a joke." It is funny that they seemed to get that President Obama's was a joke, but can't comprehend that Cain's was as well. Yes, it is nothing more than the double standard that they say doesn't exist. Another thing that makes this ridiculous is that statement, just like Obama's was made months ago. Cain's electric fence was actually in response to Obama's mote. Why is it now an issue? Could it be that Cain is moving up in the polls and they feel real threatened? Hmmm.

Note: This has brought up the border fence issue again, and has brought out silly excuse and "fact" after another. One I just heard again was the cost of the fence. They said it would cost over 8 billion dollars. I have no idea who has that contract, but I will do it for 7 billion. I know government pays ridiculous prices, but please. I could have it up and going for far less and I am just a simple country boy. All it is is an excuse, because none of them really want it. Neither do they want to do anything about illegals, and not just Mexican (although Mexican and South Americans are the bulk, because of the common border) all of them.

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