Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Progressives Hate

Progressives hate because they believe in a perfect world. They foresee a world with no starvation, no poverty, no racism, and where their is no war. They believe that they can achieve this by implementing their ideals of social justice. You then have those people that work with them, not because they truly believe, but they are after money and power. They know full well that their "ideals" don't work, but do so anyway for their own self-interests. Who's to say which is worse, but their tinkering only exacerbate the problems. Our world has never been, and will never be their utopian fantasy.

This is why they hate conservative so much. Because conservatives sees the world as it truly is, not as they wish it to be. It is not, as the progressive proclaim, that conservatives are heartless. On the contrary, conservatives are as compassionate as anyone and want to do something about the problems facing society as much as the next guy. What it is is that conservatives know that these problems have never and can never be solved with the ideals of social justice or the bungling of government. They are solved by the individual seeing wrongs and fixing them by their own doing.

This difference is what has caused them to hate so much. The very people that rail against the vitriolic rhetoric, say words such as "take the sons of bitches out" ala Jimmy Hoffa Jr. at a Presidential speech. Yet Sarah Palin's targeting of districts was so hateful. It isn't the conservative that hates, its the progressives. The very ones who claim to be against "hate speech"

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