Saturday, October 1, 2011


If I were a betting man, I would bet you $100.00 (inflation) to a doughnut that half of these atrocities in Libya attributed to the Gadhafi Regime are false flag operations by the rebels. They know that they will garner the sympathy and support they need if it works. They also know full well that the news media will be their propaganda machine and push their version of the story, just as they have done to date.

This goes for other place as well like Egypt, Gaza, West Bank, and Syria. Mao Tze Dong and many other communist revolutionaries and terrorist the world over used this tactic. They used false flags, or even forced their oppositions reprisal on the populace, which the Palestinians have learned well. Both ways are effective and both are being used.

While I am placing these bets, let me make one more. These things are happening here in America as well. Many of the threats against politicians are such false flags. This tactic is used widely at TEA Party rallies by leftist trying to make the TEA Party look bad with the "racist" signs and slogans. This has gone one better to outright lies of these things happening, like the "remarks" made at the health care protest. It was funny with all the cameras there that no remarks were caught. These folks are agent provocateur and aren't really very good at it. They don't need to be though, because their stories gain traction because the news media are complicit.

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