Friday, October 7, 2011

Dick Cheney vs. Al Gore

Dick Cheney has been in the news here of late and stirred up quite a hornets nest with his new book. It started the same old tired comments on how evil he is and how he should just go away by all the lefties. Supposed news organizations actually posed questions to their audience of whether Cheney  should just fade away. Tell me, why has this never been asked of Al Gore? I am so sick of this double standard in the news media.

They never even questioned Big Al when his sexual exploits came to light. As a matter of fact the circled their wagons a provided cover for him instead. Why? Because Mr. Gore touts their same agenda. What other politician could write a "scientific" book about anything, yet they think he is the foremost expert on Global Warming. An expert who used doctored pictures in his movie and distorted "facts" in his book. If Cheney would have written a book on science he would have been crucified. Not only that, this man is making a killing selling a made up business of offsets, all the while he is flying around in private jets and limos. He does not care for the environment, he care about Al Gore.

On the other Dick Cheney can't even defend himself without be demonized. What do you think would happen if it came out that Cheney had a massage therapist in his room, much less that he put the moves on her. Yes, the would have beat him to death. The fact of the matter is is that they hate Cheney, because he is unafraid to do what is good for the country, and the "journalists", pundits, and critics be damned. They hate because he stands for principles and will call a spade a spade. He is exactly the thing every says they want(Just like Sarah Palin, they say they want someone outside of Washington, and they get her and they attack her.) someone who cares nothing over their reelection or legacy. He sought no higher office, unlike Al Gore and the rest of the politicians. His mission was to protect the country he loved. He did

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