Monday, October 10, 2011


 Free American Revolutionary Movement

"I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing. As necessary in the political world as storms in the physical....God forbid that we should ever see twenty years without such rebellion."
                                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson

Americans all over this land are being misrepresented and forgotten. Their government and leaders, at all levels, are not representing their values, principles, and ideals. No matter your skin color, gender, social status, or locale if you feel your government has taken the wrong turn, that they have gotten too big and intrusive, that their paternal policy is not the direction we should be going then we should all come together. We have a rallying point.

We need to become another "greatest generation." Where men and women did what was needed, not what felt good. To get that love of country and willingness of self-self sacrifice back, we know who we are and where we came from. We must have a shared ideal of freedom and liberty and be willing to do what it takes to return our nation on its course to greatness, and not this progressive slide into socialism.

John Adams said during a debate on whether they should rebel against Britain, "I expect no redress. We must fight." So must we. We must be willing to speak out, protest, dissent, rebel, and sacrifice to stop this progressive assault on our country. To stop the revolution the started long ago and to begin our very own conservative revolution to bring our country back from ruin.

We must get our views out there. Let the two parties know that neither represent us ant longer(if they ever did) and unless they start representing us that we will no longer support them. The morph of conservatism and nationalism is what will stand this nation proudly back on its feet. Let them know that the two-party system does not mean there can only be two parties, even if people seem to think it does. It sure as heck does not mean only democrats and republicans may apply. If they fail to see this, we can start our own party, our own viable party that represents us. Do not listen to those that say we would only split the vote, that keeps the same people ruining this nation in power. The people must stop being sheep and following without question what they are told. Make your own decisions, follow someone that shares your views. Then and only then can a third party make an impact.

Let us continue the conservative revolution that Ronald Reagan started. He said, "people want the dignity of having some control over their individual destiny....Government exists for their convenience not the other way around"( that is why we loved, heck still love him.). Adding to it some proven nationalist principles that will make our industry strong again. Its time for a true party that represents the working man, not the unions or special interests, and only uses such words for campaign slogans. We need and want a National Conservative Patriots Party.

F.A.R.M. Charter
Aim: Restoration of our nation.
               1. By restoring the sovereign, democratic American Republic within the framework (The Constitution) of the principles of freedom and liberty.
               2. By respecting the basic rights of man without distinction of race, gender, social status, religion or creed.

Internal Objectives:
               1. Political renewal through redirecting the national movement onto its true and original path and by removing all traces of corruption and revisionism- the causes of our downfall.
               2. To assemble and organize the efforts of the American people on the path of greatness our founders placed us upon.

External Objectives:
               1. To bring support and sympathy from other nations to our struggle for liberty and freedom.
               2. To gain allies and alliances with nations during  and after our struggle

Means of combat:
               According to the revolutionary principles, and taking into account the internal and external situation, we shall continue to fight by any means necessary until we realize our aims.
               To achieve these ends F.A.R.M. will have two highly important tasks to carry out simultaneously: internal action, both general and political; and external action, to bring our problem before the eyes of the world with the help of our natural allies. This will be a heavy burden and will take all our will, energies and resources. The struggle will be a long one, but the outcome is certain.
               Lastly, in order to avoid misinterpretation, to show our sincere desire for peace, and to avoid unnecessary violence, bloodshed and loss of life we suggest honorable negotiations with the government, if they are willing to act in good faith and to accept once and for all the right of the peoples they rule to self-determination. We will not start any of the violence we want to achieve our goals through peaceful negotiations and winning at the ballot box. The violence will come when the powers that be begin to lose that power.
               Americans! We invite you to ponder this charter. It is your duty to associate yourselves with it so that we may save our country and regain our freedom. The struggle of F.A.R.M. is your struggle, its victory is your victory.
               As for ourselves, we are resolved to carry on with the struggle. Confident of our anti-socialist and anti-oppression sentiments. We shall give our best to and for our country and her people.
               With this we hope to avoid association with any particular group, and to provide Americans, from all walks of life, no matter your old party affiliations, with an opportunity of joining in our cause of liberty, unhampered by any conflict of loyalty.

Note: If any of you believe that none of this can be done, remember that the same thing was said about a group of merchants and farmers wanting to break away from the British Empire and make their own way. They were told the were dreamers, they were crazy, and that there was no way that a bunch of farmers can stand against the strongest army of the world. Guess what? They were wrong, and so are you. Read these words below.

Note #2: I wrote the above words back a few years ago, way before the advent of the TEA Party. The TEA Party has incorporated many of my views, but they are not yet a party or unified movement. As of now, they may work better as such, but there has to be a unified stance or the movement will be doomed. We don't have to agree on every issue, the world would be a very boring place if we did. We just have to agree on the major ideals and principles which founded this nation.

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