Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Movement

I personally have no problem with the movement. If it is a viable movement it will continue, but if it is Astroturf it will eventually fizzle out. I don't agree with anything they say and have a major problem with their slogan of "we are the 99%," because they are not. They have every right to do whatever it is they choose. I actually encourage it, because I will put my beliefs against theirs any day of the week and let a thinking person make the choice and we will win out more often than not. Their voice, nor their beliefs do not frighten me. Let them make fools of themselves.
What bothers me though is the treatment of them by the news media and politicians that still accuse the TEA Party of being racist and fake. They belittled the TEA Party at every turn, even going as far as inventing their own stories. I actually heard one media host point out that one bad apple at the rally didn't make them all bad, but yet one bad apple at a TEA Party rally, which incidentally the TEA Party pushed out, painted them all with the racist brush. Just like Morgan Freeman saying just because the want Obama to be a one term president they are racist. Tell me Mr. Freeman, didn't you and the rest of the democrats make it your mission to make George W. Bush a one term president? You failed, but you still tried like hell to do it. No these people that are now proclaiming that the "occupy movement" is the greatest thing since sliced bread should remember how they treated the TEA Party. Can you say yet another double standard?

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