Monday, November 28, 2011

Conservative Jesus

Herman Cain was right, Jesus was and still is the ultimate conservative.

Progressives, most of which does not believe in Him, are fond of describing him as some sort of hippie communist freak who mooched for his existence. As some sort of ancient "activist" who had dreams of a worldwide commune. They are wrong!

Sure some messages of Jesus share a few of the same things, but to confuse them is completely inaccurate and done so far out of context just to prove their statement. Jesus instructed his followers to give all they could, to help feed the hungry, supply to the poor, heal the sick, and to help the helpless. Nobody can argue that, but there are two little words that completely nullify their statement. Free will.

Jesus wants us to willing give these things, not to have some government take them and redistribute them to whom they feel to be deserving. What benefit does that bring to you, your soul, or society. It only benefits who they decide it does, and of course ensures that they can get reelected. Well, Jesus don't need reelection, He is already King and our King wants our giving to be charity.

Isn't it funny how those two little words can give things a completely different meaning. Sadly the progressives don't like the idea of free will, because with free will comes self responsibility and self determination. If that is had then their belief that they are the elite who must lead us stupid people is nullified and they can't have that. So they try to pervert the teachings of a man they say never existed.

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