Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Murdering The American Dream

Fareed Zakaria-- CNN talking head, unofficial adviser to the president, and spokesman of George Soros-- had a show on how the American dream was dying and how the "occupy" movement is the result of that untimely demise. Believe it or not he is right in one respect, but as usual he is totally wrong in others.

He is absolutely right that the American dream is dying. The American dream of working hard, starting a family and buying a house to live out the rest of your life is on its last breath. Heck, it is currently in its death throes.

He is completely wrong when he says that the occupy movement has risen out of that death. The haven't risen because of it, they have helped to cause it. They, along with their progressive elite masters like Mr. Zakaria and his idealistic twin President Obama, have engineered this death. That means it is first degree murder, and the progressives are the culprits. They made folk like these "occupiers" believe that they deserve and it is their right to be taken care of by the government from cradle to grave, which the believe to now be the American dream.

Through this action they have once again started the class warfare that has fueled these populist socialistic movements the world over. Making the demon, the evil rich guy stealing your birthright of what they now believe to be the American dream, which could not be further from the truth. Along the way they have even made some people on our side to agree with them. In this wake they have poisoned the real American dream killing it for the people like us who want to work hard, start a family and buy a home. Because of their actions we no longer are wishing for the American dream, we are no only hoping for the American survival.

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