Monday, November 21, 2011

Faltering TEA Party

It isn't over! Our tour of duty is not and will never be done. We have allowed the progressives to get in way of our mission. They have regained their message and in the process caused dissention within our ranks.

With the help of their propaganda machines in the lamestream media the progressive movement has regained their groove. Even gained some TEA Party support(I have no idea how) with their populist eat the rich message and bribery politics. They are eroded the inroads we worked so hard to gain.
They have pushed their agenda into the forefront and making us defend our own at every turn. We are no longer on the offense, as we were in 2009-10. We have been forced to defend, and we are not very good at it. Plus how do you defend the silliness of "when did you stop beating your wife?" They have used our disunity against us, pitting one TEA Party ageist another with their agenda, not ours. The people who don't know better thinks we are being split, because they believe that there is one TEA Party.

We must regain that loud unified voice, get back on our message, and go back on the offensive. Like Patton says, "the best defense is a offense." Show these "Occupiers" who truly has the power, and how we can do it without the violence and the stench.

Wake Up TEA Party America!!!

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