Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enhanced Interrogation

At the APEC Summit President Obama said that water boarding is torture in response to a question which stemmed from the GOP Debate when Herman Cain said it was not. All of that is semantics. It is ones own personal view. I am sure if you were to ask the terrorist that was water boarded he would agree that it was, but if you were to ask those people benefiting from the gained information then might say it isn't and may even volunteer to pour.

Progressives, like our president would rather see American's die, than to look bad in the eyes of folks who are never going to like us no matter what we do. What the progressives fail to see is that although rules are very important, sometimes the ends truly justify the means. It is the height of foolishness to play by a set of self-imposed rules when your enemy play by none. It is also criminally stupid to allow Americans to die in a vain attempt to look good, when you have the means at your disposal to prevent it. For them to claim that enhanced interrogation harms our moral standing in the world is ludicrous. If that was the case, there would be no need for enhanced interrogation, because all these people would love us right?

We don't need anyone or anything to speak for our moral standing in the world. Our history speaks for itself. No matter what our detractors, even those American detractors, we have been the least imperialistic power ever. We have expended our riches and our lives in the defense of the liberty of others. Then after all was said and done, we helped to set those nations back on their feet by rebuilding them. What other nation has ever done that? America is great, because America is good. Being good entails helping people, not whether or not you keep some terrorist from sleeping or pour a little water over their heads.

                                      My Views Of Torture

Torture                                                                          Not Torture
-Yanking fingernails and toenails                                  -Sleep or sensory deprivation
-Cutting of of limbs                                                     -Withholding of food
-Power Drill to Knees                                                   - Threats to them our family
-Killing of loved ones                                                    -Beating them up a little
-Electric shock                                                              -Water boarding

You get the picture.

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