Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tired Of This

I usually do not write little pieces like this that just vents, but I am totally sick to death of hearing about this stupid anti-Islam movie. It is a joke that anything like this can make such a backlash. What is even more of a joke is the way our President and leaders are bending over backwards to apologize to them. They have the marbles to preach to us about tolerance when their religion puts others to death. Christians are being tortured, burned, beheaded and even crucified just for being a Christian in their area. It is happening in North and West Africa, the Middle East and Muslim East Asia all the time and the traitorous news rarely speaks a word of it. Tell me where is the tolerance here? Where is our so called leaders to speak out against these outrages and atrocities. instead though they pander to these animals that will never stop. Why?

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