Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Snippets


Can't Obama see that he makes himself, and this country look weak and ineffective when he makes demands on these petty dictators only to be ignored. Keep your nose out of it if your not willing to do it yourself. He is starting to believe the hype about himself, that he is the one and all should do as he wants. Nobody told this to the rest of the world and they are laughing their behinds off at him and us. He does the same in political debates, like the recent debt ceiling, drawing lines in the sand that are too easily crossed. The only thing that saves him here is his opponents, the republicans are just as waffling, and the lamestream media won't point his out.

Holier Than Thou

I am so tired of these holier than thou feel good folks complaining out of one side of their mouth how our debates have become too partisan and the rhetoric is just too much, but in their next breath they are saying that they want to have grudge sex with Michelle Bachman or how stupid her or Sarah Palin is. This includes our fearless, or maybe feckless leader Obama. There just isn't any real news networks there to point this out.

I am here to tell you this next election will be the most vile and hateful in our history. The progressive have nothing to run on but bad, so they are going to do nothing but attack. It's all they have. They think this is going to be their "OK Corral" so they will pull out all stops. They think their movement is over if they don't win. They way they went after Sarah Palin will be child's play. This nominee will have it even worse, especially if they get their way and FOX News and News Corp is forced out of the way. That is the reason this is so hot in the news, it isn't the act, it is the progressives see they can get rid of their main opponent right before the big game. Never think for a second that it is for any other reason. Do you actually think these fake reporters who have sold their profession out cares that some phones got hacked. Please, if you do I have some ocean front property to sell you in Yuma, Arizona. So get ready for it. Don't expect the news to point this out, who do you think is going to be Obama's attack dogs are going to be. Fasten your seat belts and don't be fooled by their propaganda. Stay the course and take our country back.

Stupid and Selfish America

What is wrong with Americans today. We all know that government has a massive spending and debt problem that is so far out of control it will be our ruination if it is not pulled in. Yet when someone comes up with a plan, a real plan that will work to tackle the core issues of this problem, you cry and whine because it affects you. You get on TV and play right into the progressives playbook and say, "don't cut mine, tax the rich!" Really? That wouldn't help us one bit. Even if we did, the politicians would just spend even more. So that won't do, we must drastically reduce our spending and it will have to hit everyone. If we don't you are going to end up with nothing. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Don't let us become the people who saved this world many times and who has been called "the world last, best hope," and who ultimately became the catalyst of the world's demise. As President Obama said, "We all must eat our peas." But that means everyone, not just the rich and republicans.

Run If You Think You Can

I encourage all candidates or potential ones to run if the want. If you think you have better ideas to offer this country then run. Don't let the pundits who know nothing tell you you can't win or even get the nomination. This life was not meant for those people. It was meant for those who went on and did it. I seem to remember some "Bubba" from Arkansas who didn't have a chance to beat President George HW Bush, at least that was what all the smart people said. Only thing is nobody told him.

Say what you want about President Bill Clinton, but he stood up and defied the odds. He said he was going ahead anyway, and he won. He didn't listen to all the pundits telling him he didn't have a chance. We also had another such man. He was told he shouldn't run against a sitting president for the nomination. He did, but he lost. Though four short years later in 1980 he became one of the best presidents our country has ever had.

So if you think you can be president and could help this country, but aren't running because you don't think you can beat Obama or 2016 will be better, then you don't deserve to be president. The American people deserves better and if you don't think you can win, then you are not it.

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