Tuesday, July 19, 2011


-How can the news get away with giving President Obama credit for calling for spending cuts. He has spent more in three years than any other president has ever dreamed. On top of has spending our money like a girl with her daddy's credit card, he wants more to spend and demanded a "clean bill" raising his spending limit. Yet here the news is giving their hero credit for calling for cuts in spending. While on the debt ceiling, why is these same news networks failing to point out that Senator Obama refused to raise the debt ceiling for President Bush. If they were real reporters or the roles were reversed, they would never fail to point that fact out.
-There were reports last week of chlorine gas being used in Sadr City, Iraq. Could this be part of Saddam's elusive stockpile of chemical weapons beginning to surface? And yes people chemical weapons are WMD's.

-It is totally crazy how President Obama gets a free pass from the press on everything. They won't even point out when he calls for everyone to set aside partisan bickering and come together in one breath and in the very next blames the GOP and President Bush (yes, still Bush after three years) for all the ills of this nation. This is coming from the same man that during the Health Care debate told Eric Cantor that "elections have consequences, we won." He is the most partisan president in the history of this nation and our "watchdogs" in the press lets him get away with it.

-How can the progressives get away with calling these hard times the "great recession?" How can the have the gull to compare this time with one of the worst in our history. It is a slap in the face to those that lived and died during the Great Depression to make that comparison. They get away with it because there is no news to point this lie out and sadly the American people are historically stupid. They are aided by the fact that most of those from that era are already dead. As all good progressives know you can't change history while those that lived through it is still alive, but as soon as they begin to die off you begin to rewrite it to fit your purpose.

-Isn't it funny how President Obama says he won't stand for a continuing resolution on the debt ceiling. He claims he will veto any that comes across his desk and that the republicans are just playing politics with the debt ceiling (which incidentally he voted against raising in 2006). Funny thing is, he didn't have that same resolve when his party was playing politics with the budget in 2010 passing continuing resolution after continuing resolution in hopes not to lose as many seats in the elections, and trap the GOP in a quagmire. Now who is the ones really playing politics, Mr. President?

-How is it that President Obama and the progressives get away with "what could have been" when they speak on how they saved our nation from disaster or how they saved millions of jobs. Neither statement can ever be proven. So why isn't it ever challenged on the news shows? I guess when you have no record but bad, you have to make up something good and since the news networks are on their side they know it will never be challenged and will actually be reported as fact.

-It's funny how the GOP candidates cave in into pandering to some demographic or to the independents. The press never fails to ask them how they plan to get the black or the Latino vote or how they are going to grow their tent. sadly none of them ever give the right answer. We have been showed the way twice, and it wasn't pandering to nobody, but to America. Ronald Reagan won two of the most lopsided elections in our nations history by giving his conservative platform and letting them come to him. And come to him they did. They came in droves, because he spoke to the people. So why is it that we now find our candidates following the democrats pandering to everyone. And they wonder why they lose.

-Is our country better off? We must ask ourselves this question with everything, not just with elections. How about applying it to such progressive institutions such as the department of Education, HUD, EPA, Welfare, etc. or any of their social engineering, redistributive and politically correct programs and projects that litter and deplete our budget. Are we better off? Sure our technology has improved, but is our society better. No we have seen massive declines in responsibility, respect, morality, and honor just to name a few. It is a me generation. So are we better off?

-President Obama is trying to take credit for talking about spending cuts. He has no plans to actually do so. Yet you hear the press and people praise him for talking about it. Then again these people voted for him for him talking about it. This is the same man that whined that the republicans had no plan (when they actually did) when it came to the health care debate. So tell me Mr. President, where is your plan on spending cuts. And where is the press pointing out this lack of a plan? Oh yeah they are the ones giving him credit for talking about it.

-This progressive idea that everyone should go to college is ludicrous. Not everyone is cut out for college. We have all seen those kids there wasting their parents money just marking time and partying. Sadly though many our wasting our money as well, because they are getting financial aid. We have planted this seed in their heads that they should all be executives and CEO's. They see jobs their parents and grandparents did beneath them. They see manual labor for the poor. They are lazy and were made so by this progressive idea. Well, our country needs workers, those not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Besides is there any job beneath you when you don't have one? There shouldn't be, neither should there be if you are sponging off the taxpayers.

-I am so tired of hearing about Michelle Obama's "food desert's" it isn't funny. I know first ladies must have their cause, but this one is patently ridiculous and the propaganda being forced down our throats about it by the press is worse. There is no such thing as a food desert. Especially one in a city. Think about it, there are many small rural communities throughout the US cutoff from stores. My own hometown is more 20 miles from the nearest, yet we all seem to make it there without the benefit of public transportation. So how is it that some inner city neighborhood that has plenty of public transportation options can't go a few miles to a market? The truth is, they don't want to make an effort, so they invent these ridiculous concepts and expect the government to do something? That is always their answer to all the problems. The government to fix it, when they have never fixed anything. Just as they won't be able to fix these fictitious food deserts.

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