Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terrible Tactics

The republicans are not keeping their powder dry. In their battles with the president and the democrats they are letting their adversaries know just how far they are willing to go, before caving into their demands. They did this in the budget battle, and they are doing so again in this debt ceiling debacle. When your adversary already knows, because you have told them and every news outlet that you are only willing to go so far, in this case you will not let the country default, all they have to do is dig in and hold out until that time. Then they will get their way. just like when President Obama did in Iraq and Afghanistan, letting the insurgents and terrorist what we will and will not do, where we will and will not go, and when we are going to pull out. It is stupid to do such a thing in war, and almost as stupid to do so in political debate. Hey GOP, your suppose to steal an idea from your enemy when they have a good one, not a terrible one. How have we ever one a debate, let alone an election with behaviors like this. Nice tactics, NOT!!

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