Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pass It Right Away

President Obama's brain trust must have put those words through a test, because if he said them once he said the one hundred times during his campaign speech before Congress. You think he would get tired of saying them, but he has continued to say these words at every stump speech he has given since then. I am surprised he did not manage to get them into his 9/11 address. The thing I was wondering is what is the hurry?

Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson who said that a if you pass legislation to fast that only the people are hurt, because the proper discussion has not taken place and it should take up to a year for this process to work itself out. Yet President Obama, as well as most other politicians want to pass these things right away. They don't want the bills to get out before hand. As Nancy Pelosi said, "you have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill."

Another thing is that President Obama is all hammers to hell now, but first he had to go on vacation. Don't you also think that if he had that "laser focus" that he claimed for the first two years of his Administration, that he would have done something, back when his party had control of both chambers of congress(before late Jan. this year). It should have been a breeze to pass then, and this problem was around at that time, but he chose not to. Why? Because it didn't play well then for his reelection, but it sure does now!

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