Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Is The Subversives?(2011)

You hear all the time from the progressives of both parties just how dangerous and un-American the TEA Party is. On how they are extremely disrespectful to President Obama and the office which he holds(from the same folks that demonized George W. Bush at every turn. Calling him a murderer, thief and even comparing him to Hitler.). They have railed against Governor Rick Perry and Sarah Palin for using words like treasonous, as they accuse them of being just that. They try to tie the TEA Party with terrorism calling them extremist, out of the mainstream, and accuse them of being subversive.

It's all bunk! Tell me which group is seeking to "fundamentally transform" a nation that only needs restoration? Who are the ones that are un-American and are making a mockery of the oath they have taken? They have all sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and they have broken that oath. That in turn makes them unfit for the office they hold and it not only nullifies their leadership, but also the validity of the orders which they give. The military oath tells us we must obey the orders of POTUS, but when he has broken his oath(as George Bush and many others also did) he loses his right to give such orders and his ability to command. Besides all of the oaths tells us above all that we must protect and defend the Constitution and when we support those "leaders" that have broken their oath, we break ours too.

We swore to our God to defend our country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and that is just what we should do. Not by the action which they accuse us of, but by voting the bums of both parties out and restoring the nation that we love.

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