Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time To Go

I have been a hawk for most of my life, but after today even I say it is time for us to go. Our hands are tied so tight by the bureaucrats and politicians that we can't even beat (or should I say they won't allow us to win) a bunch of terrorists, insurgents, and retards. Take the Taliban's attack on the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on 9/13/2011, they have no clue what the first thing a butter bar learns about economy of force. If you keep letting your best fighters, the ones you train extensively and can't truly afford to lose, to go on suicide missions such as this or allow them to blow themselves up wildly shouting "Allahu akbar" how in the world can you keep your force going. It is patently ridiculous and we are having trouble with these folks. Could it be what CNN said all morning that the Embassy tactic was "duck and cover?" Why? Let the Marines do their jobs. Let them all do their jobs, stop waging war with both hands tied behind your back.

Then on top of all that, recently the Shiite firebrand Muqtada al-Sadr told his militias to stand down and let the Americans go home. He then threw a threat, that if they don't then we restart. Wonder what this guy is going to do with 2/3rds of the country supporting his lunatic ideas and following him blindly, when we do leave? Do you think he will take the country and ally with Iran? No doubt, but nobody is talking about that or doing anything about it. We knew this guy was trouble from the start, but we allowed him to continue to give us fits.

In both case if you are not going to go into an action (and this is Bush as well) with the sole purpose of winning, DO NOT SEND OUR MEN AND WOMEN TO DIE!!!

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