Wednesday, August 15, 2012

November Surprise

This year I believe we are in for a November Surprise instead of an October one. What is going to happen on November 7 when there is a President-elect Romney?

No, I don't mean the havoc a pissed-off and outgoing Obama team will bring. Although that just might be substantial. Nor do I mean the potential replay of Florida 2000 on a nation wide scale which is also not beyond belief. No, what I am worried about is what all these Obamamaniacs will do when he loses.

I contend what will take place will make the Watts and Rodney King Riots look like a church social. The cities will go up and flames and there just may be blood in the streets.

You don't think that can happen? Have you heard the rhetoric of his followers? Heck, Rodney King was just a man beaten by cops. What do you think will happen when the first black president is kicked out of office? On top of the Obamamaniacs, we have terrorist's groups like The New Black Panther Party, who would gladly be the gas to throw on the fire probably with a little help from their brothers in the Nation of Islam. With groups like this fanning the flames the joiners around will gladly jump into the fray.

I hope it does not happen, but this could even turn into an insurgency not unlike Iraq. They may not go that far, but there will be riots like you have never imagined. So be vigilant and be prepared

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