Friday, August 17, 2012

I Don't Care What You Do With Your Money

What is up with the uproar over people like the Koch Brothers spending their money on conservative causes? The lamestream media never complains or laments over George Soros and others giving his vast wealth to liberal causes. So why is there the bloodlust over those many people giving to conservative causes? Personally I could not give a rats behind where a person spends their money. It is their money for Pete's sake.

You never see those in the media in an uproar over how the government is spending our money. Now that is what gets my fire burning. That and the one sided reporting of those in the media that claim to be fair. I don't know why this news bias surprises me anymore, they have chosen sides and it is not the American side.  Look how they have just covered the shooting by the LGTG crusader at the Christian center. If that would have came from the right they would have been on it like a dog on a meaty bone tying in all conservatives to the problem. Since it was one of their own, it is now just some lone nut that is buried on the fifth page. This is why their rating are in the gutter.

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