Friday, August 24, 2012

The Smartest President Ever

They tell us that President Obama is the smartest president ever to grace the office. They even go as far as to tell us that he is so smart that the job of president bores him, that it is beneath his omniscient powers. That he is so smart that us lowly citizens just can't understand him or keep up with him.

So lets take a look at some of the things the smartest president ever has said and that has been all but ignored by the "lamestream media."
*During the 2008 campaign he actually said he has been to all 57  states.
*In a speech at Annapolis he pronounced corpsman, "corpseman." Not once but three times. You could almost see once since he does nothing without his teleprompter, but three times.
*From his "Romney hood" comments, you can tell he has never read Robin hood, because Robin hood didn't rob from the rich and steal from the poor like people think. He stole from those taking the taxes and returned it to the rightful owners.(So yes, Mr. President, I do hope Romney becomes Romney hood. Giving the taxes you take back to the real owners.).
*Then in one of his numerous attacks that he has thrown against the wall against Romney, he said that President Truman said "the buck stops with you." No Mr. Smartest President Ever, he said "the buck stops here." Meaning that he was doing something you run away from, which is accepting responsibility for his job. Instead you blame everyone, but yourself.

These are just a few of the idiotic things the smartest president ever has said and our traitorous press ignores. How smart is a man that can give a speech to a grade school class without his teleprompter. How smart is a man that is trying to transform the very system of government that allowed him to become president. It could not of happened in any  other country. Worse yet though he wants to transform it to a system that has failed the world over every time it has been tried.

Then on top of that, the smartest president ever thinks and is actually counting on the voters of this country being stupid. Why else would he tell blatant lies one right after another. Besides him knowing the "lamestream media" will never point it out. It is because he thinks all of us to stupid to remember what he has said before and that we are to stupid to check it out. Lies like him, the man that broke all campaign spending record in 08, complaining how he will be outspent. How many times has he said he was laser focused on jobs, only to move on without looking back using it only as a catch phrase for his speech. Or maybe how bad Super PAC's are, as his own are attacking at will and that don't even include the original Super PAC the Unions that carry his water daily.

So how smart is he really? His books, which people laud as grand literature are stylistically different, one of which sounds suspiciously like his terrorist buddy William Ayres. He was editor of The Harvard Law Review, but nobody has ever seen anything he has written. He was a a college lecturer, but where are his lectures? He is an attorney, but where has he ever worked?

These things don't sound like a smart man. Elitist, narcissistic, condescending and arrogant, but not smart. It's not that he is so smart we can't understand him. We can't understand him because we don't agree with him.

Personally I don't find him that smart. What he is, is a good liar and politician. Which are one in the same.

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