Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Strawman Defense

Have you ever noticed when the left is giving you their spill about any issue they never give you the names or organizations that back them. They will always say,"everyone believes", "all Scientist", "all economist" you get the picture. They will even sometimes event them out of the blue like when Harry Reid did with his source on Mitt Romney's taxes, or when they all talk of getting a letter or e-mail. They will even use this somewhat in the school system to make you feel bad about challenging them,"well nobody else cared."  The left are masters of this cowardly tactic and President Obama has made it into an art form.

It really sickens me. It is like they are trying to make you feel bad because you disagree with them. To make you feel retarded because you have a different view. When in all actuality is your views are the majority. That is what they have to do such things, because they don't really have the support and all they can hope for is that you will keep your dissent to yourself.

Well it is past time for that once silent majority to be silent no longer. We need to stand and speak out each and everyone of us and voice our dissent loudly. For remember, even today they govern only with our consent.

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