Sunday, June 5, 2011

The American Madrase

"The blows that do the dramatic side of the work - the big sudden blows that come or seem to come from the outside - the ones you remember and blame things on and in moments of weakness tell your friends about, don't show their effects at once.  These is another sort of blow from within - that you don't feel until you realize with finality that in some regard you will never be as good a man again.  The first sort of breakage seems to happen quickly - The second happens almost without your knowing it, but is realized suddenly indeed."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Americans have been led to believe that the threat of radical Islam only comes from overseas.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Their is an ever growing threat that poses a clear and present danger to our country and our way of life and it comes in the form of our very own bastardized version of radical Islam.  It comes in the guise of the American Muslim community and their red-headed stepchildren of the Black Muslim Nationalists such as Nation of Islam, American Muslim Mission, and The Moorish Science Temple.  All of which have earned their stripes, claim their roots and their many converts in the halls of our state and Federal Prison Systems.  Their very own madrases spread throughout America.

Their ranks are exploding and they use their time in prison to radicalize further.  It is nothing less than their very own breeding ground for hate and homegrown terror.  It is also where they have managed a triple threat liken no other.  This tripartite past is between radical Islam, the gangbanger philosophy, and the illegal alien thrown in for good measure.  (Which is another story in itself.)

They actively seek out those with any kind of special knowledge.  The want to learn all they can from anyone they can, no matter their race.  If they have what they want they will use them.  They will look for special skills such as any military knowledge, martial arts, scuba, electronics, architecture, chemicals, weapons, medical, etc.  Anything that will help them.  If they can't find a convert or at least a willing teacher they will seek that knowledge in books.  They also take full advantage of useful trade schools offered inside like H.V.A.C., carpentry, electrician, etc.  If it will aid their goal they are trying to learn it.  What is that goal?  The same goal of all radical Islamist, "The Destruction of America And All She Stands For!"

Ironically, at the same time they are plotting the destruction of America they are taking full advantage of the very rights and freedoms they are trying to destroy.  Sadly our very culture and politically correct society has allowed these things to rise to the level we are at now.

Never believe for a second that these folks aren't dangerous, because they are Americans.  The President's friend William Ayres is an American.  Timothy McVeigh was an American.  The Times Square Bomber was American, al-walaki in Yemen is American.  They hate with as much vigor as their radical cousins in the Middle East.  It may be for different reasons, but the hate of America is the same.  Sure they may not be willing to die for their cause, but never doubt that they aren't willing to kill for it.  Nor would they find fault in helping or joining groups like The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and even Al Queda, or many of their front groups and supporters all over America.

You hear their diatribes daily on just how bad this country is, while at the same time praising repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, where they too would be considered an infidel for the way they act.  You hear them praising Shia Law and how even though they themselves couldn't live under it want to bring it to America.   You hear them praise the terrorist anc curse and condemn The American soldier that gives them the very right to do so.

Funny thing is, that no matter how much help they have, or how many books on Islam they read, they are still far too western, too American - hence looked down upon by the Islamists.  So if they ever get their wish and America falls to Islam, they will be purged just like the rest of us infidels.

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