Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rip The Band-aid Off

Do you remember when you were a kid and you very slowly tried to pull off a stuck band-aid and it hurt far worse than when your mother just ripped it off quickly? All you were doing was prolonging the agony, but somehow you just didn't see it that way and kept on doing it. I still catch myself to this day slowly peeling it off, like it will hurt less. That's exactly what we are doing with this country, slowly pulling the band-aid away.

As I look at the field of the present republican candidates for president and those in Congress, those who we are hoping to place our trust in to save our nation, I am not very reassured. Most are nothing but democrat light and those that are not are not just being attacked by the democrats and their lapdog media, but the elitist progressive republicans as well who are afraid to lose their status, and who would take us to the same destination as Barrack Obama and the democrats just a little slower.

I am almost to the point of ripping of this countries band-aid. How? Let the progressives have it, it wouldn't take much for them to run our beloved nation into the ground. Heck, they have almost done that already with all the progressive bungling of the last two administrations. Pull a "John Galt" on them and stop the engine of the world. Just get out of the way and let them run the show, implementing all the social programs they can think of. Within 5-10 years when this nation falls from lack of other peoples money and other peoples protection, we can step in and rebuild our nation under the constitutional principles that served us so well for many years.

Just like lots of us conservatives argued against TARP and the other bailouts and stimulus bills, there is no such thing as "too big to fail", not even for America. If a bank fails, another bank, a solvent bank would step in to take its place. It would work the same way with the auto companies. Do you really thin GM and Chrysler would disappear? No. They would reorganize and if they couldn't, someone would buy them thinking they could make a better car cheaper. Just like Roger Penske wanted to do with Saturn, but the government got in the way. Sure it may have hurt for a little while, but it would have been quick. Then we could have started on recovery. Just Like Calvin Coolidge did with the depression of 1920. He let it reset and it didn't turn into the great depression (Which was only a great depression in America) like the next one did when Franklin D Roosevelt thought it best to prolong the agony by slowly pulling the band-aid off. Sadly we are repeating FDR's model, and not Coolidge, and it will turn out the same way. Bad.

Do you think it could work? Could we just pull away? Ayn Rand sure gave a convincing argument. It sounds awful tempting, but none of us will do it. Why? Because we are Americans and that means we are fighters and will fight tooth and nail to save the country we love. Even if we are riding into Balaclava with 599 others. We are that soldier that can't help sticking his head over the berm to see if they are using live ammo. I hope they aren't very good shots.

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