Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Appeasement is the hope that the crocodile will eat you last."
Winston Churchill

George Hagel said, "the one thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history." Those words were never so true as when it comes to appeasement. The only thing that appeasement has ever done is to give your enemy more time to prepare. Karl von Clausewitz said, "The more time you give your enemy to prepare, the more it will cost you when you finally attack." The cost may be too high though.

Appeasement is only the first step in a long and dreadful journey. You give into their first demand and it leads to just one more over and over again. Before you realize it they are in your own backyard. We are going down that appeasement road once again. The progressive agenda and those who push it want to raise the white flag in the war on terror (Yes, even with the Obama call on bin Laden) and to the nations around the world that hate us. They want to talk with them and cut just one more deal. They don't realize why these people are even at the table. They are there because it makes them look strong to bring the worlds super power to the bargaining table. Then take another look at the above quote on von Clausewitz.

When you appease and refuse to stand up, you end up like Neville Chamberlain selling out nation after nation to Hitler and the NAZI's. An act that cost not only Great Britain, but the world untold lives, property and treasure in hopes to appease a man that had no desire for peace. Just like the enemy's we face today, they only want our destruction. We could give into their every demand, and we would still be hated and attacked. We are only prolonging the battle and making them cost more in lives and material. These battles will keep right on coming and if we don't do something they will prove devastating to us. Never doubt for a second that these terrorists aren't coming either and all we are doing is throwing out the red carpet.

Just like the old saying goes, "give them an inch and they will take a mile." The thing is we don't have a mile to give. Besides, it isn't the appeaser mile to give. It is ours! It is time for us to act like it belongs to us, and defend it.

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