Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liberalism: Its Ills, Evils, Lies, and Loyal Allies

America became a country that benefited from the blending of cultures, but we are, or at least was, America first and foremost.   That was the miracle of our nation. 

We could have been best described as a diverse people with a shared ideal of freedom; we represent a variety of nationalities, but are one nation; we have many voices, but one tongue; we are Americans.  That veritable melting pot that turned us from the many to one. 

We are now better described as a junk pile, with each part keeping its own distinct shape and function that ends up working against the greater good.  Instead of coming together in that melting pot to be forged into that unbreakable steel to protect our nation, we allowed them to keep us separate, weak, and unstable.

These liberals are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of our culture, which is the melting pot, in order to destroy our American history, which they call a myth, which holds us together. 

They pile on top of us a collective guilt that says we are oppressors of _____________.  (Fill in the blank.)  So now we must make it up by giving what we have, in order to form their utopian fantasy of a multi-cultured society they know is unreachable.  Their rue quest is simple.  It’s power.

General Douglas Macarthur said, “The great threat in what is presently called communism, the imperialistic tendency or lust for power that squeezes out every one of the freedoms which we value so greatly.”  He meant that this threat has been around for some time, just under a different name, and it is still around.  Today the greatest threat is liberalism, which really isn’t that far from communism.  Think about it.  Liberalism’s half brother is socialism, and the first cousin to socialism is none other than communism.  It is not much of a leap from liberalism to communism.  It’s barely a hop.

There are two things that liberalism will never allow or tolerate, they are unchecked individualism and to be left alone.  These so called lovers of free thinking, of free speech  are only so loving and understanding when you agree with them.  For those who preach tolerance so rabidly, are the least tolerant when you disagree with them.  Rather 1984-ish, does two plus two still equal four?

What is really scary is it doesn’t matter how many disagree with them.  They can do what they choose.  What they can’t win in the ballot box they will force through the courts.  Now with them in total control of every branch of government it will get worse.

The liberal agenda is fairly simple.  They, and their lap dogs in the media and in education, are going to stay their course.  They have no opposition.  So they can keep right on stealing out nation blind and molesting the Statue of Liberty all the while explaining to the sheep that they are working and sacrificing for them.  They are doing what is best for you, knowing you can’t do that for yourself.  They are protecting you from yourself and the evils of this world they want to appease.  Why people believe this bull is beyond comprehension.  They believe every word these liberals say. Whatever happened to the notion of trusting yourself?  Who are these people to make your decisions?  They don’t even know you, how then do they know what you need?  Don’t you want self-determination?  Don’t you want to live your won life, spend your own money and control your own destiny?  Don’t you want freedom?

Wake up, America!     

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