Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Golf Summit And The Debt Ceiling

All of this is nothing more than political theater, just like it was for the budget, spending, stimulus, TARP, etc.. Both sides are playing to their base and that is it. Neither of them are planning to do what they are saying, they just want us to believe that they do. Just like the recent budget battle, each side will come riding out on their white horse and proclaim proudly they got the best deal they could. When in truth they got the best deal for themselves and their reelection campaign account. Just like Michael Savage calls  them "demicans" and "republacrats", both are in it together and we are the ones that will end up paying.

Thank goodness for Barrack Obama though, because without him we would not have a TEA Party and we would not have those TEA Party backed folks in Congress we gained in 2010, that just may break out of that mold. So thank you Barrack, you did what no one since Ronald Reagan did, you got that often spoken about "silent majority" to speak up. And if you keep up what you are doing they will be loudly heard again in 2012.

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