Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Syrian Tragedy

The happenings in Syria are not only a tragedy because the violence is causing a massive refugee crisis and government is massacring the people, it's also a tragedy because it didn't need to happen. Through the bungling of the Obama Administration this tragedy has been enabled and they should be ashamed of themselves for it.

Just like Dwight D. Eisenhower with the Hungarian uprising in 1956, George H.W. Bush with the Kurdish uprising in 1991-92, or Barrack Obama and the Iranian Uprising in 2009, in all three cases we encouraged them to rebel and then left them dangling in the wind to be crushed by their respective governments. We are doing that again in Syria and this "arab spring". We jumped in full force in support of Egypt and actually got involved militarily in Libya. When the people of Syria, Bahrain, and even Yemen seen this it encouraged them to throw their own party and stand against repressive regimes only to be slaughtered like sheep. Sure we enacted some worthless sanctions and gave some high sounding tough words, but the people there were still and are still being massacred.

They may have still decided to stand against the regime if we hadn't enabled them, but we will never know that now. We set a precedent by coming out and supporting those other nations and cruelly gave the Syrian people false hope that we would do so for them. This precedent is one that should have never been set, we can't be the policemen for the world; but if we are to be, we need to do so for all that need the help and not pick and choose. Are the Libyan people more deserving of freedom than the Syrian people? That is not for us to decide, and it is for sure not for us to encourage them to be massacred.

Another part of this tragedy that nobody is talking about is the role of the Iraqi fugitives and refugees are playing in the whole affair. Iraqis flooded into Syria in droves as we invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. Some of them were the Army Officers and men that seemed to just disappear. They went somewhere, with the weapons that everyone knew they had; Biological and Chemical, which are WMD"'s by the way. There was also evidence of a pipeline of not just people, but also the nuclear technology that makes all the liberals foam at the mouth and cry, "Bush lied, people died." The whole world thought they had them, not just Bush. Plus what in the world was a country with no nuclear reactors doing with over 550 tons of yellow cake uranium, which was quietly sold to Canada. Funny how the Media did report much on that.

Then on top of all that, just like in Egypt and Libya, nobody is talking about the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood (Who just renamed their political part to the Peace and Justice Party, and coincidentally California's SEIU Labor Union just named a group the same thing that deals with the plight of the Palestinian People. Things that make you go HMMMM! Tell me  why would a teacher's union in California have such a group anyway?) and the other radical Islamists. Who if any were to ever gain power would turn the "arab spring" into an American nightmare.

This and the others happening all over the Middle East are tragedies that may well have been avoided. Let the people of the Middle East rise or fall on their own. George Washington said that you can't give freedom to a people, it has to be attained by them. George W Bush couldn't do it, Barrack Obama can't do it, and neither can his buddies (AFL/CIO, SEIU, and even William Ayres and Bernadine Dorn) that are over community agitating, oops organizing.

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